BCC 01Basal Cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer. Two million Americans will be diagnosed each year. It is unique in that it is the most common of all cancers. These skin cancers tend to grow slowly over months and years, and rarely do these spread throughout the body.


Face, head, neck and trunk areas are most frequent sites of basal cell carcinomas. They are more difficult to treat close to the eye or on the lower leg. Basal cell carcinomas can appear on any area of the body. Results are excellent in regards to cure and cosmetic appearance after treatment.

Types of BCC’s

BCC 03Nodular and Nodular-Ulcerative BCCs

Starting as round solid pearly gray reddish bumps, they can grow, develop and ulcerate if left untreated. This is the most common form of BCC. Superficial BCC occurs mostly on the trunk as larger reddish patches (up to 3 cm diameter). They may have a distinct border.


BCC 04Pigmented BCC

The appearance is similar to nodular BCCs, but they have areas of pigmentation. They can be easily confused with melanoma, a more deadly skin cancer.



Reason to Treat BCC’s

If left untreated, they can grow and destroy surrounding tissue and nearby structures such as the nose, ear and eye. Therefore it is best to treat them early on, to minimize collateral damage, even though they are not life threatening.

Actinic Keratosis

These are found most often on older people in sun exposed areas. They are slightly raised growths that are rough and scaly, and if left untreated can progress to squamous cell carcinoma 10 percent of the time.

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