The Total Skin Center located in the Kansas City area understands the emotional, physical, and mental pain skin disorders inflict on our patients. These ailments cause irritating aches, itching, discoloring, rashes, dryness, inflammation, and more, which all interfere with daily life.

Skin disorders stem from a range of causes. Some common ones are:

  • Stress
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Anxiety
  • High carbohydrate diet
  • Food allergies
  • Poor hygiene
  • Lack of sleep
  • Acute or chronic illness
  • Low immunity and susceptibility to infections

We are here to help through the numerous services we offer to treat potential skin issues. Listed below are some common conditions and treatments, which will vary from patient to patient. Each condition has its own page where you can learn more about causes, treatments and symptoms.

Skin Therapies

  • Acne: photodynamic therapy
  • Eczema: topical creams, or oral antihistamines
  • Rashes: creams, antihistamines, or lotions
  • Rosacea: laser treatment, oral or topical medications
  • Scabies: topical solutions, or oral medications
  • Vitiligo: topical steroid therapy, psoralen and ultraviolet A therapy, or oral medication
  • Nail disorders: antifungal or antibacterial medication, and topical treatment
  • Psoriasis: topical treatments, oral medications or light therapy

Scalp Therapies

  • Dandruff: medicated shampoo, medication or scalp medicine
  • Hair Loss and Baldness: the doctor will tailor a treatment plan to your specific situation

If you are seeking an escape from painful skin and vein conditions, contact the Total Skin Center today.

  • Acne
    photodynamic therapy
  • Eczema
    topical creams, or oral antihistamines
  • Rashes
    creams, antihistamines, or lotions
  • Rosacea
    laser treatment, oral or topical medications

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