Hair Restoration

Men and women who struggled with hair loss used to be forced to wear big wigs or awkward toupees to hide their bald spots. But fears of hair replacements falling off and others noticing your thinning hair can now disappear with hair restoration at the Total Skin Center.

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Hair transplantation removes some of the scalp that still makes hair and puts it on the areas where balding occurs above the scalp. It’s just moving skin and hair around. There are uplifting benefits to this simple procedure:

  • Improved appearance
  • Natural look
  • Actual re-growth of hair
  • More secure and confident self-esteem

There are many different varieties and causes of baldness:

  • Pattern baldness:  the hairs are not as thick, don’t have strong roots and fall out easily. Heredity is also a factor.
  • Cicatricial alopecia: permanent hair loss, when inflammation damages and scars the hair follicle.
  • Alopecia areata: a genetically pre-disposed, autoimmune disease. Hair usually grows back, but may lose and regrow hair a few times.
  • Telogen effluvium: change in normal hair cycle. The emotional or physical shock causes hair to be pushed prematurely into resting state. In a month or two, the hair follicles will be active again.
  • Poor nutrition
  • Medications
  • Disease: diabetes and lupus.
  • Medical treatments: chemotherapy, or radiation therapy
  • Hormonal changes: pregnancy, childbirth, stopping birth control, or menopause.
  • Hair treatments: over styling, dying, bleaching, etc.
  • Scalp infection: ringworm.

Dr. Darling will start off spending 45 minutes removing the donor strip. The one to four hair groupings are taken from the donor strip.Before the surgery, the doctor will review the goals and expectations of the hair transplant. The area will be trimmed, so it is easier to take out grafts. Both the donor and reception hair areas will be injected with local anesthetic.

The hair recipient sites are then made by making small incisions to make sure the hair is aligned naturally. Then the groupings of hair are grafted in.  Stitches seal the scalp. There might be a small straight scar, concealed by hair. More sessions every several months occur to fill out more spaces.

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Hair Restoration FAQs

Patients can generally expect 90 percent or more of all transplanted hair to grow.

Patients range from 21-80 years old. Since hair loss can happen at any age, it is best to repair hair loss as soon as possible

Most people are shocked at how the procedure is mostly pain-free. Once the skin is anesthetized there is no pain.

Yes, the transplanted hair remains the same color, texture, growth and curl after the transplant and regrowth. The transferred tissue is not rejected since it is not a foreign tissue.