Skin Conditions Related to Vein Disease

Complications of Chronic Venous Insufficiency are in large part related to the skin. Patients can suffer from Superficial Phlebitis, dark staining of the skin known as Stasis Dematitis which progresses to a marked hardening of the skin associated with redness and marked tenderness, known as Lipodermatosclerosis, which progresses to atrophe blanche, a whitish circular patch around the ankle area that is a dry ulcer of the skin, that leads to a true ulcer of the skin. Patients should be evaluated by a Vein Doctor that is also a Dermatology Provider who has the ability to diagnose and treat these conditions. There are other skin conditions that mimic skin disease from Chronic Venous Insufficiency. As a Dermatology Provider, Dr. Darling is able to recognize and treat these other skin conditions as well.

Treatment of Chronic Venous Insufficiency, such as Endovenous Laser Treatment or sclerotherapy of spider veins, can lead to hyperpigmentation of the skin. Rarely, sclerotherapy can cause ulceration of the skin. As a Dermatology Provider Dr. Darling can prevent these skin changes, and if they do rarely occur, he can treat these conditions.

We have the ability to treat and remove all of your unsightly leg veins without skin related complications, and reverse years of sun damage to you skin, so that you are able to rediscover the original beauty of your legs. Our Med Spa also has the ability to use laser treatment for correction of spider veins on the face and legs,as well as irregular pigmentation and wrinkles from sun damage, thus reversing years of aging without undergoing a face lift. We want you to have an active lifestyle without the down time.