Vein Treatments

About 50 to 55 percent of women and 40 to 45 percent of men in the U.S. suffer from some type of vein problem. The Total Skin Center wants to help treat and prevent your spider veins, varicose veins, May-Thurner Syndrome and Pelvic Congestion Syndrome.  Our vascular ultrasound lab is modern, non-invasive and able to detect venous disease in the leg. It may also be able to detect leg disease that has its origins in the pelvis or lower abdomen.

Many patients wonder when they should see a doctor about their vein concerns. You should come to our office for treatment if:

  • Veins are swollen, red, warm, or tender
  • Sores or rash exists on the leg or near the ankle
  • Varicose veins begin to bleed
  • Leg symptoms or appearance affect daily life

Incredible Results 

Many factors increase the chance of developing vein concerns. Such as:

  • Increasing age: veins weaken with age
  • Medical history: some are born with fragile vein valves
  • Hormonal changes: occur during puberty, pregnancy and menopause
  • Pregnancy: there is an increase in blood in the body which causes veins to enlarge
  • Obesity: extra weight can put more pressure on veins
  • Lack of movement: forces veins to work harder to pump blood to the heart

Through our various treatments at our Liberty office, we can relieve symptoms, prevent complications and improve vein appearance. There are four different vein treatment options offered at the Skin & Vein Center. Each treatment has its own page where you can learn more to see which best fits your vein needs:

Current vein treatments have a very high success rate compared to traditional surgical treatments. Over the years more abnormal veins may develop since there is no cure for weak vein valves. But ongoing treatment at the Skin & Vein Center can keep problems under control.

Make an appointment with the Total Skin Center today if you would like to see which vein treatment is best for you.

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