Strip Follicular Unit Transplant

This method is a form of transplant that requires a linear strip of hair and tissue to be extracted from the donor region located on the back or side of the patient’s scalp. The strip is then dissected using stereo-microscopic dissection, which is a form of dissecting the strip into thousands of tiny follicular units of hair while still allowing the follicular units to be separated without damage, due to the importance of their survival.

Diagram showing the four step process of follicular unit transplants. Step one strip harvesting. Step two strip slivering. Step three Grafts dissection. Step four graft insertion.

This method is also known as FUT, linear or strip harvesting and has been used to successfully transplant hairs for over 50 years. Despite the thousands of great results obtained by the FUT procedure, when performed incorrectly, this method may leave an unattractive scar on the patients, which has led to an inaccurate reputation for the method over the years. Fortunately, Dr. Darling is working to destroy the bad reputation of the FUT procedure by using a combination of advanced techniques and technologies that allow for almost undetectable donor scars.

Thanks to pioneering doctors visible scarring is now becoming a thing of the past. Dr. Darling uses an advanced wound closing (suturing) technique called trichophytic closure to minimize donor scars.

The FU-strip procedure offers an unparalleled number of hairs that can be moved in a single session while carefully preserving the donor hair. When someone has significant hair loss, especially from front to back, and does not wear his hair short, the FU-strip megasession may be ideal. After a consultation with Dr. Darling and his staff, you will have a better understanding of which procedure would be better suited for you.

Dr. Darling believes that without the aid of meticulous graft dissection from a very experienced doctor, there is no way to perform this procedure in a reasonable timeframe. Dr. Darling and his team have more than a decade of experience, which enables them to complete complex procedures in a single day.

There are many factors that contribute to overall good results, which is why Dr. Darling will consult with you on the benefits and suitability of each method in relation to your unique condition. At the end of the day, finding the best technique for you is the most important factor.