The O-Shot

As women age, they may have difficulty achieving an orgasm, or they may experience less frequent orgasms during intimacy. This can be the result of tissue aging in the vagina, around the G-spot, and around the clitoris, all of which can lead to decreased sexual sensation.

The O-Shot® is a non-invasive, non-surgical approach to helping women have orgasms more easily and more often. The Total Skin Center frequently provides the treatment to patients who are sexually healthy and in happy relationships but who want to recapture the sensation and drive of their younger years.

How the O-Shot Works

The O-Shot relies in part on advanced treatment with platelet rich plasma (PRP), a technique that is currently being used to address concerns ranging from knee injuries to hair loss. Doctors introduce PRP into the body to promote new cell formation and to rejuvenate skin and tissue.

Blood is made up of several different components, one type of which is platelets. Platelets carry some of the body’s natural growth factors and play an important role in healing damaged cells. In a platelet rich plasma treatment, we:

  • Draw a patient’s blood.
  • Use a specialized centrifuge to concentrate the platelets.
  • Inject the growth factors from the concentrated platelets where they are needed.

When we perform the O-Shot for Kansas City patients, we will inject these growth factors into the orgasm-producing vaginal tissue. This leads to neovascularization: the tissue replicates, the nerve endings become healthier and larger, more capillaries develop, and blood flow increases. As a result, the patient should have improved response to sexual stimulation.

The Initial Sexual Consultation

During a patient’s first visit to the Total Skin Center, we will have a professional and open discussion about the symptoms that she has been experiencing and the benefits she wishes to achieve. Dr. Darling will also perform a medical examination, and together, we will go over the treatments that are appropriate for her needs.

O-Shot can be an effective option for women who:

  • Are having difficulty reaching climax.
  • Are unable to orgasm as often as they had in years past.
  • Are sexually healthy but want to take the sensation of sex to a higher level.

We will frequently see Kansas City women who have been married for 20 years, who have a great relationship, but who are frustrated by how long it takes for them to achieve orgasm.

In some cases, patients will require a combination of approaches to get the biggest benefit from the O-Shot. For example, Dr. Darling may advise treatment with both O-Shot and LifeBalanceTE natural hormone replacement, or he may recommend other treatments to improve vaginal health, dryness, or incontinence.

What to Expect with the O-Shot

Patients will receive treatment at The Total Skin Center. We can often give an O-Shot on the same day as the initial consultation.

A visit will usually last about 40 minutes. We will invite the patient into our treatment room, where the process will begin with a standard blood draw. This step will allow us to collect the growth factors for creating the patient’s O-Shot.

Next, we will transfer the blood to our centrifuge. The results from any PRP treatment, whether it’s for cartilage restoration or oral surgery, depend on the quality of the equipment. Higher-grade machines make it possible to spin out and separate a larger number of growth factors. The Total Skin Center uses a special centrifuge to give our patients the best results possible.

Patients will receive a strong numbing ointment on the vaginal opening, the anterior wall of the vagina where the G-spot is located, and the clitoris. We will gently inject each of these areas with the PRP. The experience is mild enough that patients can return to their regular activities immediately after the visit. There are no restrictions following an O-Shot.

Our patients can expect to see the full results of their treatment within three months. Their tissue should become healthier and more sensitive, and their sexual response should be more easily triggered. Most of the women we treat come for follow-up injections with the O-Shot every six to eighteen months, with the majority coming in closer to once a year. Patients may require up to three O-Shot treatments to achieve their desired results.