Your skin has a memory for sun exposure from the time you are born until now. Sun damage leads to visible changes in the skin: thin skin, color changes, large pores, coarse texture, fine wrinkles and visible blood vessels. Dry skin may develop and bruising is more common. Sun damage can also lead to the formation of skin cancer and precancerous spots.

A medical evaluation with a dermatology specialist is important to accurately diagnose and treat aging skin. In addition, our MedSpa offers many aesthetic procedures that can aid in the treatment of aging and sun-damaged skin. Call us for a consultation.


Photo-rejuvenation uses laser and pulsed light treatments to brighten and improve the skin’s appearance. Sun-damaged skin has wrinkles, with irregular coloring, visible veins, coarse texture and yellowness. This advanced technology helps restore a youthful appearance without significant downtime. Please call us for a consultation.

Smile Lines & Skin Folds

Early signs of aging can be a distressing reminder of the passage of time. The good news is signs like smile lines and skin folds can now be effectively addressed through a number of cosmetic procedures. Injectable treatments are improving all the time to provide even better results with little discomfort and no downtime afterward. We offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments for you to choose from, such as Juvederm, Balero, Radiesse and even Botox either alone or in combination to achieve the best possible results for each individual patient. Please call us for Consultation.

Wrinkles & Pore Reduction

Two of the most common skin concerns patients take to their physician’s office are facial wrinkles and enlarged pores. These result from previous sun exposure and Acne Rosacea. Both of these issues can be addressed with similar types of skin rejuvenation treatments. Shallow wrinkles may be treated with cosmeceuticals from DermAdvance. Deeper wrinkles may be treated with fillers, Botox and Fraxel CO2 laser. Please call us for a detailed consultation to discuss the multiple factors that may be responsible.